Amazing moving 3D Posters that utilise 3D Lenticular technology to bring your walls and doors alive. As you move around or alter your viewing angle, the 3D poster background appears to move behind and around the figures in the foreground. 

3D Posters are here to end wall blandness in all its terrible forms. Mix one poster with a wall and a dash of blu-tack and apply once per stay in a house. Your wall should cease being bland within seconds of application. 

We are starting off with just six 3D Poster designs, but there could be more in the offing so let us know if there’s something you’d like that isn’t in the 3D Lenticular Poster Range and we’ll do our best to find it for you.

Quick Link List for 3D Lenticular Posters:

·         3D Poster – Bad To The Bone

·         3D Poster – Incredible Hulk

·         3D Poster – Echo of Death (Victoria Francés)

·         3D Posters- Lunch Atop a Skyscraper

·         3D Posters – Jack Daniel’s Pool Hall

·         3D Posters – Whitby Wyrm (Alchemy)


'Bad to the Bone' 3D Poster
‘Bad to the Bone’ 3D Poster


'Lunch on a Skycraper' 3D Poster
‘Lunch atop a Skycraper’ 3D Poster
'The Incredible Hulk' 3D Poster
‘The Incredible Hulk’ 3D Poster
'Echo of Death' by Victoria Francés, 3D Poster
‘Echo of Death’ by Victoria Francés, 3D Poster


  • SpiritualHerbalist

    Echo of Death’ by Victoria Francés is so amazing :O Nice to have some trippy posters on the wall 😀

  • got rice

    definatly gonna get me some of these!!!

    ALSO: Just wanted to let you guys know someone on eBay is selling almost ALL of your water pieces for 500%-1000% profit.
    Weedstars that you guys sell for 20, he’s selling for 300.
    I reported him and he said he was doing it for a bet…don’t know why you would buy a large supply of pieces and list them on eBay for a bet?
    He used your exact pictures though, and probably doesn’t even have the pieces he claims, Just thought you would like to know this man!

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