Spoon Pipe Giveaway Winners


UPDATE: GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED – Scroll down to view the Video Result. 

A quick giveaway to usher in this newest of Thursday mornings. Win one of the Spoon Pipes in the picture below. All you have to do is post on a comment on this page which is spoon related.

The giveaway will close around lunchtime o’clock (betwixt 12 & 2pm), or when we reach 20 posts (by different people), as the maximum amount of entrants is 20 and it is first posted, first entered. Only one entry per IP address for this one. I’ll be scrutinising them as well.

Also, remember that some posts may take a little time to be approved before appearing, so you may have to wait until the announcement to see if you are in it, though I will of course try and keep on top of it. I might not bother with another post and just post the result on this page with an updated message. 

There is no spoon.
There is no spoon.

Morning Spoon Pipe Giveaway Winners

Dazzy, get in touch for your compensation prize as I dropped your name and didn’t notice until after the draw.

45 thoughts on “Spoon Pipe Giveaway Winners”

  1. I like spooning people. Spoon pipes are OK, I am more of a bong fan but my girlfriend likes smoking pipes, so this could be a nice little present for her.

  2. The spoon is over 100,000 years old, . , spoons were made of shards of bone, clay, snailshells, and the metals.

  3. The caption on the picture above says there is no spoon but I see 4 and i hope one of them is mine. Good luck to all entrants.

  4. Twig, are you saying that if you won the lottery you would completely stop buying lottery tickets? It’s a competition, and most of all, it’s FREE to enter. Even if I won the RooR – EDITOR Special from a comp I would keep entering the rest.

    Anyways, I had my alarm set for the perfect time and decided that waking up at 5am wasn’t really worth getting in a comp for! Good Luck to everybody that got in!

    And here is one of my amazing paint drawings, done all on a laptop.


  5. Gah! Waking up early to win something that is responsible for making me sleep late does not make sense…Curses!

  6. Are those RooR’s in the background a hint at a giveaway that might happen in the near future? 😉

    Congrats to the winners, and now I’m wishing my name will drop and not be a part of the draw so I win! 😛

  7. Congrats to the winners.

    Theo, lovin your paintings man keep ’em comin.

    Twig, sure I want to win. Free prizes are a good thing. I dont think that makes me greedy. I wish everyone could win.

    And once again a big thanks to EDIT for the chance to win free stuff.

  8. Wow, sometimes a few hours sometimes a few weeks. Can tell stoners are running these giveaways. Why not run these a bit more legit? Like a giveaway every Monday and Friday that runs for 24 hours each? These are kinda shady the way they run, I hate checking the blog 20 times a day.

    Either way, they are nice for free things..

  9. I don’t mind having to check the blog 20times a do, I probably do 100-200+ times a day anyways. But I guess that’s what happens when you’re bored at work and you’re on a computer!

  10. @Theo. Which is fine if you can get away with that, not everyone is allowed to look at bong/weed sites at work 100-200 times a day. =P

  11. i happen to see this blog while thinking about my next zumo lol. always fun to partisapate and antisapate the out come. thanks EDIT for doin a great job.

  12. Yea, it’s great being able to work in a separate room all by myself on my own laptop. It’s awesome 🙂

    I understand what you’re saying though, but because I’m able to do what I do, I like it this way better personally.

  13. being that im in the USA, it was 4:45 a.m. when i saw the blog. its payday, im getting ready for work, so why not shop for a new peice? curiosity set in about these give aways and i had to check up. then BAM, it was like i stuck black gold lol.

  14. dude it says there was going to be another roor competition coming up soon, was totally hoping to win round 2

  15. Yo, yo, yes, yes, do not fear, there is one more Rasta Roor 500 to giveaway. I was hoping it would be this week but there have been some delays regarding other logistical conundrums, so it is looking like the new Roor giveaway will commence late next week.

    There will be some giveaways in-between then and now, of course. Possibly one tomorrow….

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