RooR Bongs are among the best glass bongs that money can buy.

Hailing from Frankenthal, Germany the glass connoisseurs @ pride themselves in producing only the finest high-end glass bongs… which is why we @ are very proud to be able to give YOU the fans an insight into where OUR EXCLUSIVE RooR Custom Glass Bongs come from and how they are made.

G-man and the crew have, over the past few months, made a few trips to Germany in order to document some behind the scenes action at

The videos feature Martin who is Mr. RooR himself… a very talented glassblower in his own right, Martin and his team have been blowing glass for over 16 years and now work very closely with EDiT to produce custom bongs like the Terminator and the Emerald Prince as well as producing one off specials and EXCLUSIVE like the EveryoneDoesIT/RooR Collaboration. have been at the forefront of the industry for over a decade and with the much anticipated launch of their NEW RooR Vaporizer they don’t look like they’re going anywhere else anytime soon.

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