Last week we exclusively launched the stunning new range of glass smoking accessories from Amsterdam Glassworx.

Amsterdam Glassworx

The new range was an instant hit, with glass collectors clamouring to get their hands on this exciting new collection of hand-made glass.

Now, we have more new examples of Amsterdam Glassworx’ lampworking brilliance – a range of spoon pipes and stand-up Sherlocks.

The Helio Coil Pipe is an inside-out worked spoon pipe, hand made by Amsterdam Glassworx from premium quality Schott-Duran borosilicate glass.  The glass is fumed with pure silver and gold to give a colour-changing effect as the pipe is used.  Each pipe features a giant magnifier at the bowl end of the pipe, allowing you to peer inside the piece and fully appreciate the ethereal swirls of colour and fume.  Like all the Amsterdam Glassworx collection, the pipes go through a 24 hour annealing process after production which toughens the glass, removing stresses and making it incredibly durable.  Available in your choice of five different colours – red, orange, yellow, green or blue.  Also available with Glassworx’s cute little frog decoration to keep his beady eyes on your precious new pipe.

Like the Helio pipe, the Stand-Up Sherlock Pipe is beautifully hand-made from Schott-Duran borosilicate glass and fumed with silver and gold.  Smoking a Sherlock gives the smoker an unobstructed view of the bowl so you’ll always know when it’s time to tap-out and reload.  Again, the Sherlocks are annealed for 24 hours after production to remove all the stress and toughen the pipe up so it will withstand a lifetime in the hands of a smoker.  The flat base means the Sherlock will stand up without tipping over for easy loading and the minimum of accidents.  Available in red, orange, yellow, green or blue and with or without our cute little froggie mascot.  An ‘elementary’ choice for the glass enthusiast.

As we are still within Amsterdam Glassworx launch period, we are still offering 25% off the whole collection on orders placed before Monday (12/5/14). are committed to bringing exclusive new products to the market and Amsterdam Glassworx is our most recent partnership.  Keep your eyes on the Latest Additions section of the site for the very latest new smoking products as they land.

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