New MoonTent Pop Up Tents brush aside your camping anxieties and make the entire camping tent erection process an absolute joy – especially if your slowcoach pals have opted for the redundantly time and patience-consuming traditional camping tents, with their intelligence-proof poles and mysterious leftover connecting hole-loops  that don’t seem to connect to anything.

The quick pop up tent nature of a Moon Tent Pop Up Tent means that within seconds your pop up camping tent will be all set up and you can get on with appreciating the countryside and/or raving your tits off. Perhaps set up your Traquair Camping Chair and then relax while watching others struggle and strive to maintain their erections.

All you need to do is bang in a couple of the supplied tent pegs for stability to preserve your Pop Up Tent against the windy gusts prevalent in wide open fields.

MoonTent Pop Up Camping Tents
MoonTent Pop Up Camping Tents – Rear View
MoonTent Pop Up Tent - Front View
MoonTent Pop Up Tent – Front View
MoonTent Pop Up Tent Erection Instructions
MoonTent Pop Up Tent Pack-Down Instructions

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The MoonTent Pop Up Camping Tent removes the need for fiddly poles, which are irksome and let’s face it, wholly unnecessary in this day and age of computers and space travel. It is so easy to set up that you only need one pair of hands! Now that’s the future, and it’s here now. It has been for a while, to be fair to the future. The future’s always right there, you’ll find, always creeping up just behind you.

Whether you’re embarking on a hiking holiday, or heading off to a string of music festivals, MoonTent Pop Up Tents provides a simple solution to the struggle of putting up a tent. The lightweight build, and handy carry bag means that you can take the MoonTent Pop Up Camping Tent with you wherever you go!


MoonTent Pop-Up Camping Tent Features:

• Instant Pop Up tent
• 2-man tent
• Set up in seconds
• UV coated for sun protection – UPF 50
• Ideal for camping, festivals and events
• Lightweight and rugged


Turn a bit of propped-up nylon into a den of comfort with:

·         Camping Roll Mat

·         Camping Sleeping Bag

·         Camping Airbed & Footpump

·         Camping Pillow

·         Camping Chair

·         Mosquito Nets

·         Waterproof Bags & Pouches

·         LED Camping Lantern

·         Yukon-5 5-Man Camping Tent

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