MODEL 419 is a new age 100% stainless steel Smoking pipe, it does not contain any other product and is cleaned vigorously twice to make sure the only thing you taste when you smoke out of it is what you put in.

MODEL 419 is designed to drag the heat through the center keeping your fingers and the smoke nice and cool. MODEL 419 has a micro filtration system that removes ultrafine particles from the smoke making sure you don’t get anything but smoke. To understand better how this system works here is a step by step guide:

Stage 1: The smoke is pulled down from the bowl and circulated through helical ports, which spins it into the first collection chamber. Here larger particles and debris collect on the chamber’s walls.

Stage 2: The smoke speeds up as it is drawn through parallel ports. Here, more debris is collected from the air while the increased air speed helps keep the ports from plugging.

Stage 3: The smoke passes into a second chamber where it slows down to pass through a stainless steel micron filter. This filter is fine enough to stop particles the size of pollen and large coal dust.

Stage 4: The smoke passes through a third chamber before traveling up the mouthpiece. Here you should see a fine film of residue from the smoke collecting.

And that’s the 4 step filtration system.

WOW What a pip….


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