Introducing the unfathomably eloquent, Glass Concentrate Rig from the notorious MNP. Another exquisite piece of glass work from this very talented glass blower.

This glass concentrate rig features clear and blasted glass which is currently indicative of MNP’s work. This complementary design completely negates the need or the use of coloured glass, giving this piece of art glass a very ornamental feel to it.

The blasted glass features in various sections of this concentrate rig, primarily on the main chamber and legs, but also on the tip of both the mouthpiece and the entry point on the curve. The remainder of the unit, primarily the neck of the curve, and neck of the mouthpiece are composed of crystal clear hand blown glass.

The most prominent feature of this concentrate rig is the myriad of chunky glass horns that form both the spine and the supports for the main unit. These horns again are either clear or blasted with one horn boasting both traits.

The main unit sits atop a tripod design whereby the chunky blasted glass horns comprise the 3 legs, 2 of these 3 horns also have additional lateral facing protruding glass horns. The southward facing horns ensure stability remains prominent, when the piece is in the resting position.

The joint for the curve sits at a 90 degree angle, where by the slide sits in the joint in a concave position. The entry point for the curve is downward facing, consequently making the pattern in the frosted glass apparent, as it is made front facing. The curve then features a line of chunky glass horns which line the spine of the piece in an upward facing fashion, adding great character and depth to the piece.

Additional key features include the fixed 5 hole diffused downstem, which is used to provide optimal dispersion of the smoke. There are also numerous patterns which emerge through the blasted glass, these are located on the curve entry, on the main chamber and also on the worked mouthpiece respectively.

This masterpiece is made complete by the MNP signature which again emerges from the frosted glass, towards the rear of the main can.

Once again, a truly fantastic piece from MNP!

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