The Smelly Proof Baggies are sealable smell proof bags which will hide any potent smells and offer the ideal storage solution. These extra-extra small (2.5″ x 3″) Mini Smell Proof baggies are a puncture and tear resistant plastic baggie. The double locking seals ensure that when the bag is sealed it stays smell proof and water tight.
Take it from us, these smell proof bags really work! They measure 82mm x 102mm (3½ x 4 inches) and you get a discount on bulk buys of 25 Smell Proof Bags in the online store.
Mini Smell Proof Bags are tear resistant
Mini Smell Proof Bags are tear resistant

Full Size Range of Smelly Proof Plastic Baggies:

  • Mini Smelly Proof Baggie
  • Extra Small Smell Proof Baggie
  • Small Smell Proof Baggies
  • Medium Smelly Proof Bags
  • Large Smell Proof Bags
  • Extra Large Smelly Proof Baggies

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