These Incredibowls come with incredible boasts attached with regard to their toughness and durability. We’re suspicious souls though and have heard such boasts before, and often seen them fall down at even the slightest challenge. Those who remember the first video of the Incredibowl will remember us having somebody stamp on it and put their full body weight on the tube to see if it would break. It didn’t.

These new Mini Incredibowls arrived with similar boasts of durability, but being much smaller it didn’t seem quite enough to have an ordinary man standing on it, so we took that ordinary man, put him in a car, and then drove over the damn thing.

See the Mini Incredibowl in action and bear witness to its condition after it is driven over by a car filled with an ordinary man! 


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  • Carter

    I still think they are insane for asking 200$ for the big one and 80$ for the small. Should be more like 125$ and 50$

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