The long-awaited Mini Incredibowl is finally here!  Incredibowl Industries have listened to their customers’ feedback and re-imagined their Cannabis Cup prize-winning Incredibowl technology in a cost effective pocket-sized version.

As with the full-size Incredibowl pipe, the glass bowl is shielded by the anodized aluminium BowlArmortm to protect it from accidental drops and knocks.  The smoke is cooled and filtered of tars before filling the shatterproof expansion chamber.  Pull the BowlArmor to open the 9-hole Annular Purge Carb, blasting the cool, flavourful smoke into your lungs with high-velocity jets of fresh air.

The Mini Incredibowl is available in 3 colours initially – Red, Orange & Purple.



  • TheEditor

    There is indeed a giveaway coming very soon, though it may not include one of the new Incredibowls. It may just be a whole load of glass bongs and things like that. We have a few things to take care of first and then we will get to it.

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