The argument against metal smoking pipes has always been that the taste of your kind bud is deviously affected. The fact of the matter is this isn’t true in the very least. Sometimes, surgical steel metal pipes can be much better in the effect of preserving the sumptuous flavor of your dried herbal product than say, a cheap knock off glass spoon. Here are a few reasons why we thin metal smoking pipes totally rock and roll.


These babies are portable as all get out. Take and stow your small metal smoking pipe just about anywhere you can imagine. They are extremely durable and won’t ever let you down when it comes to being easy to clean. They are perfect for you to take on any personal toking adventures.

Metal pipes are definitely the cheaper of the bunch. You obviously want to stay away from plastic pipes due to melting issues, but metal pipes are low cost and relatively simple to track down. A survey of our own backyard found numerous corner convenience stores, online headshops, and novelty kiosks ready to vend a metal smoking pipe.

On certain occasions, you metal smoking pipe can be extended in length. Look into if this is possible before plunking down your cash.

Simple metal screens are an excellent accessory to have when using a metal smoking pipe. No longer suck in that hot ball of ash or burning weed. The screen will fit right in to the bottom of your pipe and hold tight to the excess refuse your smoking session creates.

A lot of full time smokers swear that metal pipes can conserve the taste and longevity of your dried herbal offering. The bud tends to last a little longer in the metal smoking pipe bowl because the metal is what is retaining a lot of the heat you are exposing the mix to.

Metal smoking pipes can be made of so many different types of metallic material. Stainless steel, aluminum, and brass are just some of the versatile substances these easy to use and tote tokers are made of.

May we suggest:

  • Any metal smoking pipe made by Red Eye Glass? The company mainly known for its excellent glassware doubles down with the Bul-It and other metal smoking accessories you need to have right now.
  • The BudBomb gets the job done with maximum portability. A bit heavy in weight but light on price, the revolutionary metal roll up style smoker is all yours if you just click that link.
  • The A’Maze’D Pipe allows you to smoke and put out your burn as fast as you can say lickety split. This metal smoking pipe fits in your pocket or purse and goes out as soon as you close it. Small screens enable you to travel with a bit of bud. A well cut smoke path makes the most of the slow and even burn this pipe produces.


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