Everybody have a great Christmas now. You all be having a wonderful few days during this seasonal time. May the winter solstice deliver peace and goodwill to all of you and then take it back as soon as Christmas ends. Let us openly rejoice with each other at this poignant time, at this, the very death knell of December. Let us also remember the baby Jesus. Remembered? Good, now let’s get pissed.

If you do not celebrate Christmas then you have no excuse for getting drunk, therefore you should stay off the booze tonight and then you can drive the rest of us home afterwards. Ha-har! Feeling Christmassy now? I thought so.

So Chrimbo greetings to one and all!

Wait, wait, wait… Not to Alan Johnson. He can merry his own bloody Christmas.



Merry Christmas from EveryoneDoesIt.com


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