Vaporization is rapidly becoming the connoisseurs preferred method of enjoying their favourite herbal smoking blends.  The benefits are numerous; vapour is cleaner than smoke, so there are less carcinogens in what you inhale, the herbs go further than if conventionally smoked in a cigarette or pipe, the familiar, pungent aroma is much reduced and crucially, you taste the flavours of the herbs much more intensely without the goodness being masked by the taste of paper or tobacco.

So what’s the catch, I hear you ask?  Well, traditionally, vaporizers are not cheap.  Even a mediocre model can set you back much more than a decent bong or an old-skool chillum.  The technology is still being refined and as such, can get more than a little expensive.

Fear not though, folks!  That’s what we’re here for!  We’ve put together a range of great quality vaporizers and slapped huge reductions on the prices to help you, our beloved EDIT-Heads get in on the vapour action without having to break the bank, or worse, resort to inferior products.  All these vaporizers are good quality and have passed the EDIT test for usability.  All benefit from our famous Price Match Guarantee and anything over £99 includes free shipping!

Ascent Burl Wood Portable Vaporizer by DaVinciAscent Burl Wood Portable Vaporizer by DaVinci

The DaVinci Ascent – In our opinion this is the best portable vaporizer currently available – and we’ve seen a LOT!  This is the only portable vap with a full glass-on-glass vapour pathway which means the vapour has a much purer flavour.  The digital OLED control is programmable and allows the user to set the precise oven temperature to ensure maximum utilisation of your herbs and minimum wastage.  The Ascent can also be used with oils and concentrates – a versatile, well-engineered vape that has all the important stuff in spades:  taste, discretion, portability, looks, build quality and now, price!  We will not be beaten on price for this vaporizer – Now available with a £35 discount, the DaVinci Ascent is just £167.95 / $260.32 / €203.22 with FREE shipping.

Atmos Raw Vaporizer

The Atmos RAW vaporizer pen is a sleek, pocket vape made from medical grade stainless steel, designed for vaporizing dried herbal blends.  The ceramic heating chamber gently heats your herbs to the point just before combustion, ensuring a healthier, smoother hit without any carcinogens.  The discreet nature of the Atmos RAW makes it ideal for use on the go; take it to festivals, summer beer gardens or simply enjoy on your travels.  Available from EDIT now with a massive 45% discount, bringing this premium quality vap in at just £64.94 / $100.67 / €78.59.

Vapman Classic Handmade Swiss Vapouriser

Contrary to what the name might suggest, The Vapman is not our new favourite Superhero, but a quality wooden vaporizer made to exacting standards by woodworking boffins in Switzerland.  The simple yet, exquisitely engineered design features a gold plated heating chamber which is heated with the included Jet Flame lighter.  The vap is then ready for use in around 7 seconds, providing a thick, tasty lungful of vapour with none of the drawbacks of conventional smoke.  The whole thing comes packaged in a purpose built egg-shaped container that can be slipped into a pocket or handbag.  The Vapman is a big, big favourite here at EDIT, and we urge you to try it.  Available now for under £100 with our price match guarantee and free shipping.

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