Massive Savings On Artisan Glassware As EDIT Slash Prices

Here’s another chance for you to pick up some genuine, hand-blown, artisan glass smoking accessories at a fraction of the normal retail price.  We’ve cut the prices on several pieces from US glass masters, Glassadelic, some of which are now under half price!

Glassadelic Tube – Rainbow

Glassadelic’s work is expertly made by master lampworkers who specialise in producing lavishly decorated tobacco pipes and related items.  They have led the way with innovative new techniques, fusing precious metals onto borosilicate glass, producing ever more vivid colours and delicate glass lathe work.  The company’s ethos is to create beautiful glassware that will cultivate a real bond between the piece and it’s owner.  At EDIT, we really identify with this ethos and are pleased to be able to offer our customers a chance to own one of Glassadelic’s unique pieces at a discount price.

Glassadelic Tube – Coloured Swirls

The Glassadelic Tube – Coloured Swirls is a stemless, pyrex glass bong with a sturdy, circular base.  The arm stands upright which presents the bowl at a convenient angle for loading.  Both the arm and bowl are decorated with a white glass background and a spectrum of coloured swirls and a black dichro that meanders all the way up to the joint.  The bowl has a clear glass handle making it easy to slide in and out of the 14.5mm joint.  Now benefitting from a 52% reduction, this is virtually a giveaway for a hand-made piece that so perfectly combines form and functionality.

Glassadelic Tube – Electroformed

This Electroformed Glassadelic Tube is another stemless, clear glass bong with a 14.5mm joint.  The clear glass slide features a handle making it easy to remove the bowl, which the arm holds at 90 degrees for easy loading.  The real feature of this piece is the beautifully laid electroformed work that decorates the arm and main cylinder.  It stands approximately 38cm tall, but as these are hand-blown pieces there are subtle height differences between examples.  This model currently has a 48% price reduction!

Glassadelic Onie Pipes

If you are looking for something a little more portable, then how about these stunning little glass onie pipes?  Vivid colours, dichros and solid whites come together to create these beautiful, pocket sized pieces of glass art.  The pipes are donut shaped with a stretched mouthpiece at one end and a tobacco bowl at the other.  Various colour schemes are available (see dropdown on product page) and with a 46% saving which brings these artisan pieces in at under £10, how can you refuse?


Glassadelic tubes and onies – available to you now with huge savings from

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