I have been given the privilege to announce our MASSIVE 4 DAY SALE!!! For a limited time, we will be running a 20% sale on every product on the website…  that’s right, a sale on absolutely EVERYTHING. The only thing that’s limited with this sale is time so you need to get in quick. Get that bong or piece you’ve been waiting on for 20% LESS this week or that volcano that you’ve always wanted that has been just out of reach or even just your standard routine order with some extra bucks in your pocket. This time of year can be hard on the pockets and we hope this gesture helps you save some money for all the things you want to do this holiday season.

The DISCOUNT on ALL ITEMS will be running from Midnight GMT tonight (23rd of November) until Midnight Sunday the 27th. Happy shopping EDiT Heads! 🙂

There have been a few problems accessing the voucher code so here are some instructions:

– Once you have selected your items, click on “YOUR BASKET” at the top right of the screen.

– Enter your voucher code below the items you have selected and click “UPDATE CART”

– Your discount should be calculated and displayed at the bottom and then click on “SECURE CHECKOUT” and proceed.

Hope that helps guys 🙂


  • kamran

    prices are cheap compared to most retailers and yet there giving another 20 percent off. luv these guys. keep up the good work.

  • Mickey

    how do we get the discount? price are the same as usual, and the site doesn’t seem to apply any discount on checkout..

  • EDiT

    Hi there Lex, sorry about that. We had a couple problems with the code for a second, but it should be working again. Let me know if you have any more issues.

  • EDiT

    Hi Joshua, sorry to hear about your troubles…. that’s odd. When you select all the items of your order, click on “YOUR BASKET” at the top right of the screen. You enter the discount code below the items you have selected and then click “UPDATE CART” before proceeding to checkout.

    If this doesn’t help then please let me know and I’ll sort it out.


  • HansE

    Nope.. I can’t see any discount code.. I’ve tried the steps above, but nothing..
    Help? Must-have-more-stash. LOL

  • EDiT

    Hi Hanse, the discount code is ‘bfri’ (written on the banner). The place to enter the discount code is below the items you have selected and says “If you have a discount voucher code, please enter it here:” I know it can be hard to locate, it’s not in very large writing but it is there. Once you enter the code into the box, you click “Update Cart” and the voucher code should take effect. Let me know if that works out buddy 🙂

  • HansE

    Well.. If 233,14 minus 20% makes 228,15.. ..then it worked.. BVut I stroglly suspect that the calculus on that one is a bit off.. 😀

    In short: It says my 20 % discont on the sum 233,14 is to be 46,63 but it doesn’t place that sum on the subtotal.

    I guess you can fix it manually, and refund the sums, or throw in some extra packs and stuff of my.. [until now, just today.. ..and I’m not done.. I LOVE the products I’ve gotten and this ‘Black Friday Blast’ is just the icing on the cake, guys.. 😉 ] ..my three orders so far, it’d make me even happier than I am already.

    You guys ROCK and chill at the same time..
    Best shop I’ve seen, and you’re really trustworthy. No, I don’t expect a 30% discount for saying that.. *smiling and LOL, but sincerely*. 🙂

  • HansE

    Hey!! The last order (no 3) when completed showed a better result than the above!

    Cool.. Then I place two.. ..or three more orders.. 😀

  • EDiT

    @Hanse, are you saying that you only got the full 20% discount on the third order? If that’s the case, give me your order number and I’ll check it out.

  • HansE

    @EDiT: No, not that bad. I got no discount off the first two orders, but it worked out on the rest.

    Those that didn’t work out, were orders:
    # 2103444, where I really wanted 5 packs, not 4, so had to settle for that because of the taxfree limit.. 😉

    And # 2103444, where I wanted to add a pack of ‘Knaster Whiskey’, but couldn’t because of, same annoying, tax-free limit for imports.

    Other than that: All OK. *Yaaaay..*
    Haven’t gotten any ‘dispatched confirmation’ in the mail-box on any of today’s orders though. Presumably because you were waiting for me to give you an answer on the above.? 😀

  • HansE

    Aahmm.. I see I pasted the same order number on both of the above.. One should be # 2105598 in addition to the mentioned # 2103444..
    *stressed, but happy..* 🙂
    Thanks ever so much, guys.
    You’re the best. Have sent someone your way today.. 😀

  • EDiT

    Hi Anthony, sorry to hear about your troubles. Have you followed the instructions at the bottom of this post? Make sure you click ‘update cart’ before you go onto ‘secure checkout’. Also try writing the voucher code in small case letters rather than capitals. Hope this helps buddy…. let me know 🙂

  • Chris

    It’s not really on the topic but i ordered some things and chose wrong payment method. Now i wanted to decline (not sure if the right word, my english isn’t the best). But Somehow the Support Page is offline and i cant find any email adress where i could send my order decline.

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