Stay cool while enjoying a smoke this summer with this amazing new ice bong mould from EYCE Mold

This kit allows you to create an everlasting supply of frosty cool bongs, using nothing more than water from your tap and a standard domestic freezer.

After rinsing the mould out, simply insert the acrylic mouthpiece snugly at the bottom of the mould.  Fill the mould to approximately an inch from the top and insert the core pin which creates the cavities inside the bong that you will eventually smoke through.  Place the base inside the mould and then pop the whole thing in your freezer and leave until completely solid.

Once frozen, run warm water over the mould to loosen the ice, then gently slide the mould off and remove the core pin.  Insert the silicone grommet and aluminium downstem and return to the freezer for a short time until the silicone has fused to the ice.

EYCE Mold – Make Your Own Ice Water Bong

You now have a fully functional water pipe made entirely of ice, which can be used to enjoy your favourite herbal blends with a cool, fresh hit – ideal for parties and summer BBQs.

Of course, your bong will eventually melt – no need for cleaning, no need to worry if you smash a bong on the floor – simply refill the mould and make another one!

You’ll never be short of a frosty cool bong hit ever again.

Each EYCE Mold kit contains the silicone mould, acrylic mouthpiece, acrylic base/stand, silicone grommet, aluminium downstem, core pin, and a handy user manual with full instructions. *Please note – no bowl is supplied with the EYCE Mold.*

The EYCE Mold Ice Bong Mould is available now from EDIT with same day shipping on orders placed before 4:20pm and our famous price match guarantee.

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