Do you want to have a truly somewhere over the rainbow experience? Whip yourself up a smoke tornado with your vaporizer smoke. Delight your buds at parties with this cool smoking trick!



What You Will Need

  • Vaporizer of your choice
  • Empty Paper Towel or Tin Foil Roll


What You Do

  • Pack your favorite delicious vaping substance into the vape pen or desktop personal vaporizer
  • Position your cardboard roll so that it is directed downward towards a flat surface like a table or counter top
  • Take a hit
  • Slowly exhale into the opening of cardboard roll tool closest to your face and mouth
  • Smoke will slowly start to push out and spread across the flat surface
  • Make a slight scoop with your hand
  • Gently waft the smoke with a slight flicking motion upwards
  • Watch the smoke billow into intriguing funnels and tornadoes
  • Create even smaller mini whippers by using individual fingers to make tiny cyclones in the carpet of smoke you create on the tabletop



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