The Magic Flight Launch Box is another addition to our latest range, and ‘oh my’ what an addition it is. This miniaturized piece of equipment boasts dimensions of 40mm x 32mm x 23mm making it one of the smallest vaporizer on the market.

The hand crafted piece is primarily composed of renewable wood making it both lightweight yet still robust, meaning this pocket sized piece of paraphernalia is ready to go EVERYWHERE with you. However the portability of the Launch Box is not it’s only forte.
With no need for cords or plugs, the launch box uses rechargeable batteries, which provide enough power to make loading to vaping time less than 10 seconds!!!
Impressive huh?!?
This cool piece of kit comes complete with: (everything you need including batteries, a charger, cleaning brushes, a storage case and step by step instructions)

Rechargeable NiMh Batteries
Velvet Kit Storage Bag
Battery Storage Case
Battery Charger
Cleaning Brush
One Optional Pipe Stem
Two Pocket Storage Elastics
Step by Step Directions

and is ideal for those of you who love to vape on the move.
Magic Flight we salute you, and your latest contribution!



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