Live Free are known for coming up with innovative and interesting designs for their heady pieces. This Live Free Heady Glass Bubbler is set upon orange coloured borosilicate glass with purple, green and blue switchback designs is a testament to that. This weighty piece packs a huge punch and is very pleasing on the eye.

Starting from the bowl, there is a beautiful blue and green switchback design adorned across the whole of the inside. There are two large glass horns protruding from either side of the bowl. One of the horns forms a snorkel carb and has some Orange to Purple, Blue and Green coloured glass work done to it. The other horn is a clear glass horn with orange and green spiral marble like work. Both horns are pointing upwards towards the mouthpiece.

Moving down into the deep main chamber, there are a number of different shaped purple, blue and green switchback designs that form a wonderful contrast with the orange glass background. The back of the main section houses one of the main attractions to this bubbler, a very large oval shaped clear glass marble with thick orange spiral work in the middle. Just above this towards the top of the chamber, there is a large clear glass horn with green and orange spiral work embedded inside that is similar to the smaller horn on the side of the bowl.

Going up from the main chamber, the mouthpiece is supported by a long and thin curved neck carrying orange to purple, blue and green glass work. The mouthpiece itself is disc shaped and contains a purple, blue and green swirly pattern set upon the orange background.

A very vibrant piece that shines brightly next to anything, this is another aesthetic gem from Live Free Glass.


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