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These boxed glass pipes work in the traditional manner of a Glass Steamroller pipe, using your hand to block the end before removing it to create the vacuum to inhale. However, unlike traditional Steamroller pipes the bowl is removable, tightly plugged so it is with a fitted rubber grommet.

A Steamroller Pipe with a difference. Several, actually.
A Steamroller Pipe with a difference. Several, actually.

There is an inner-chamber within the walls of the Steamroller pipe cylinder which is sealed off, with the space inside to be filled with ice-cold water or a liquid coolant via the access point on the head of the pipe. This aids in cooling the smoke and smoothing out the hit before it hits your lungs.

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The Glass Steamroller Pipe comes neatly packaged in a storage/presentation box and thus makes an ideal gift for a friend or someone you absolutely hate but whom you happen to know has a particular gripe against receiving gifts packaged in nice storage/presentation boxes.

Boxed Glass Steam Roller Pipe

Bowl & Liquid Chamber Grommet Unplugged
Bowl & Liquid Chamber Grommet Unplugged
Large & Small sizes compared
Large & Small sizes compared

Liquid Coolant Glass Steamroller

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  1. always been intrigued to a steam roller, this looks like a bit of kit i wouldn’t mind adding to the collection to play with one night :D!!

  2. Holy! Im second, that has to bring some luck! Ive been drooling for one of these for so long now. Thanks for this opportunity EDIT!

  3. this pipe looks neat, ive never seen a thing like that. I love the idea with the liquid in the chamber!

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