It’s Time To Use The FORCE!
(music:- Imperial March)

The Life Saber Vaporizer by 7th Floor is the latest herbal vaporizer, helping all vape connoisseurs achieve that coveted crown that is ultimate vaporization technology.

Made from anodized aluminium the LSV is both durable and robust, ensuring the solid metal casing surrounds both the ceramic heating element and the glass wand.

Backed by the recent rise in popularity in the art of vaporization, there have been many rapid advances in the technology used to heat the elements and thus materials. The LSV incorporates all this amazing 7th floor patented technology that eliminates combustion and replaces it with sweet, clean vapour.

Because combustion is not taking place, you only inhale vapor and not the by-products of the combustion process.

In addition to all the specialized gadgetry, this vaporizer also comes complete with its very own cotton padded, hemp carry case.

But this new age vaporizer is more than just an ordinary vap… It’s strong, it’s sturdy, it’s cool, it’s…. it’s a Life Saber!

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