Let’s Be Blunt…….Everyone Does It!!

With all the stunning new glassware arriving over the last few weeks, combined with the frenzy of activity caused by our winter sale and free shipping offers, it has been a hectic old time here at EDIT HQ.

Forgive us then, for going all ‘Old Skool’ on you today with a nod back to the simpler times of blunts, wraps and tubes.

As you would expect, we stock an enormous range of blunt wraps and tubes in huge range of flavours all at that familiar low EDIT price.

Cyclone Pre-Rolled Blunts

Take the range of Cyclone Pre-Rolled Blunts: These come pre-packaged, pre-rolled and pre-roached – all you need to do is pack the blunt with your tobacco mix and spark it up. Due to their tapered shape, the Cyclone blunts burn very evenly ensuring that you get an even strength and flavour all the way to the end. Available in a range of flavours, the Cyclone Pre-Rolled Blunts come complete with a packing stick and are sealed in a re-usable tube for ultimate freshness.

Juicy Blunts – Super Blunt – Trip

Arguably the industry benchmark for blunts are old favourites, Juicy Blunts. Serving up a huge range of the juiciest, most flavoursome blunts in the world, Juicy Blunts are now available in the frankly ridiculous, Super Blunt size. At 23cm long these beasts are ideal for sharing and passing round at a party or shindig. They are available in a range of different flavours in singles or packs of 3.

Platinum Blunt Wrap – Apple Martini

Finally, we come to our range of weird and wonderful flavoured Blunt Wraps from Platinum. Made from a fine blend of slow burning, smooth tasting tobacco pulp, the Platinum range are possibly the most fragrant blunts we’ve ever come across. Available in flavours from Chocolate to Champagne or Apple Martini, each blunt is individually packaged to ensure perfect freshness and condition.
So, what are you waiting for? Turn up the Gangsta Rap on the beatbox, phone your favourite Homie and kick back with one of the huge range of blunts, wraps and tubes from Everyonedoesit.com today!

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