A pipe can change your life if you let it. A glass smoking pipe can come in many shapes or sizes, but is guaranteed to cool down your hit and condition your smoke to utter perfection. In rudimentary terms, a bowl is one of the simpler ways to light your fire and get on that highway to herbal nirvana.

Pipe use is all about the heat diffusion. Smoking with rolled cigarette formed from paper means more combustion and heat. Paper will be the warmest, hand held travel pipes will produce cooler smoke, and a larger water bong will create the coolest and more well-conditioned smoke for your lungs.

Types of Pipes


  • Chillums

The most basic of the pipe family. Simply a basic dug out that you light one end of then inhale.


  • Spoon Pipes

A bit more advanced than the chillum explained above. A bowl on one end of the spoon shape is for your dried herbal mixture while the other end is the mouthpiece. A carburetor or carb is employed in most spoon pipes, allowing for total personalized control of the airflow.


  • Steamrollers

A steamroller is like a gigantic controlled chillum, with more bells and whistles and definitely more drag power. Steamrollers are known for their hot and hard rips.


  • Sherlock or Gandalf Pipes

These cool pipes named for intelligent heroes from literature are great showpieces, but don’t offer much in terms of filtration or ease when cleaning.


  • Bubblers

Using a small amount of water in these more artsy and involved glass pipes cools your water down and make your hit smooth like butter.

Pipe Fun Facts

Ice chambers in certain water pipes set them apart even further in terms of air conditioning power. The smoke, after being filtered through diffused down stems or included percolators, passes through and around ice set on prongs or a shelf. This brings the temperature of your smoke down even further.

Germ haters will love glass based on the fact that it’s crevice and nook/cranny free. There are no hidden areas that bacteria and other nastiness can grow and then harm you or taint your smoke.

It is good to be mindful of any kind of glass pipe you may own, as glass is extremely fragile and breakable. Most glass smoking pipes are made of borosilicate glass. This scientific brand of glass is used by companies like Klimax and Pyrex to make beakers actual scientists use.

Cleaning your pipe is as easy as pie. Carefully boil smaller hand smoking pipes to remove tar and other impurities that stain your glass or mindfully scrub with isopropyl alcohol to achieve a just like new gleaming cleanliness. Smoke up, Jonny.

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