Last Ever Herbal Incense Giveaway!!!

 Herbal Incense Giveaway

And now, the end is here, and so I face the final herbal incense competition. My friends, I’ll say it clear, all you got to do to win some random herbal incense is post on this page, preferably with an old order number we can send your prize to (alternative arrangements can be made if need be).

It’s first come, first served. I’ll lock the comments when we’ve run out of goodies, but there’s a fair few as you can tell by the pic below. You can mention what kind of incense you prefer to receive, though you should be prepared to get anything as we may quickly run out of one thing or the other.

That’s it, I’ve stated my case – of which I’m certain. I’ve lived a life that’s full, of trying each and every high way.

Herbal Incense: it makes things smell nice.
Herbal Incense: it makes things smell nice.


65 thoughts on “Last Ever Herbal Incense Giveaway!!!”

  1. Is that a Frank Sinatra quote I see there? lol

    Oh, so this is an everyone-gets-something-until-we-run-out kind of thing? I’m not fussy about what i get then.

  2. order no. 1402100

    any of those blends would be great for a christmas wake’n’bake xD

    thanks once again edit, merry xmas people!!!!

  3. oh jeez i didnt notice it was first come first serve- thanks edit- i could care less what i get if anything

  4. Sounds great!

    Order 1029140

    I have gotten a new address since I ordered though, so should how should I send that to you?

  5. If I can, can I have something that could give a nice and strong mellowy sort of feeling please (pretty please!).

    It seems that after a while the order lists clear so I can’t get an order code for you and I can’t find any of the invoices 🙁 If you need an address though you can reach me through my e-mail (assuming I’m going to be lucky enough to get something!!)

    Ah well, Merry Christmas EDIT and all!

  6. I wouldn’t mind trying one of those bad boys! Anything would be nice, but preferably something that makes my room inviting as opposed to discouraging :p

  7. I’d love to try one of these out. Last time I made an order, it was a joint order with my buddy using his information, how can I get you my information?

  8. sweet i have hird about this stuff but can not find n e around here Have a good holladay everyone!!!!


  9. Wooo am i in time ??? 🙂 i hope i am.

    I can provide an order number but my address has changed?
    is there an email i can send my order number to and my new address if possible?


  10. hey edit merry christmas
    order no. 1177368

    you said you would lock the comments so i thought id give it a whirl. hopefully i get somthin. thanks as usual and happy hoildaze.

    also edit i havent recieved my pink liquid filled pipe i had won a couple weeks back, have you sent that yet?

  11. Right, I better close the comments now just to make sure we have enough to go round. If it turns out we have more, I’ll re-open it and post a re-opening statement.

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