Krishan Incense Sticks is India’s leading manufacturer and exporter of Premium quality Incense Sticks. Founded in 1951, Krishan Incense has well over 50 years of rich experience in Incense making. 

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Jasmine Incense Sticks are Mother Nature’s gift (via Krishan Incense and FedEx, I would assume) full of fragrance, filled with extravagance and luxurious delights. Unless you can’t stand the smell of Jasmine, then here be monsters. 

Caribbean Coconut Incense Sticks are refreshing, revitalizing and Caribbeanly coconutty.  

Cherry Incense Sticks have a delicious aroma that imparts luscious freshness and euphoria. 

Frankincense Incense is also famous for being one of the first ever Christmas presents. No one really knows though if baby Jesus managed to hide his disappointment when he realized it wasn’t an Xbox. 

As the great Vanilla once said, in-between stabbings: ‘If there was a problem, yo I’ll solve it. Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it.’ And lo, our rooms smelled nice.

 Krishan Incense Sticks

Other Incense Ranges:

·         Nag Champa Incense

·         Aromatherapy Incense

·         Incense Cones

·         Incense Gift Sets

·         Stamford Incense

·         Incense Burners / Incense Holders

·         Incense Sticks

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  • Gary Ebbess

    i’ve recently seen these incenses at my gas station. very good smell. burns fairly slow.

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