King Amazed Smoking Pipe

The King Amazed Smoking Pipe features Red-Eye’s unique ‘maze’ filtration system.  The system uses a 550mm ‘maze’ cooling chamber within the Amazed pipe to channel the smoke through, with the King A’maze’d Pipe featuring not only a larger bowl but a deeper, more intricate smoke path than its smaller predecessors, the A’maze’d Smoking Pipes.

You must unscrew the end of the King A’maze’d Smoking Pipe to reveal the gauze set in to the body and fill it with your desired smoking blend or tobacco, then replace the end and light it through the flame hole.

Then simply enjoy the cool, smoothed-out hit of the majestic King Amazed Pipe.    


The King A'maze'd Pipe Range
The King A’maze’d Pipe Range


Full Range of King A’maze’d Pipes:

·         Black King Amazed Smoking Pipe

·         Gunmetal King Amazed Pipes

·         Green King Amazed Smoking Pipe

·         Blue King Amazed Smoking Pipes

·         Red King Amazed Smoking Pipes

·         Purple King Amazed Smoking Pipe

·         Chrome King Amazed Smoking Pipe

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  • Feltros

    Is it possible to get a picture of one of these in a hand or something for scale? I’ve not tried an amazed pipe but if its as good as I hear, this is definitely a contender for a cheap mobile indestructible bong.

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