Kindtrays are rolling and smoking boxes, made in the USA from forest-certified, sustainable wood.  The full range of Kindtrays features 30+ different styles of smoking tray, each designed to perfectly fulfil a specific purpose, meaning that there is literally a Kindtray for every smoker.

Phatty Pen Tray by KindtraySlick Stack Dab N Go Tray by KindtrayGrand Daddy Tray by Kindtray

Every Kindtray is made to an incredibly high standard:  The magnets that hold the trays together are triple-coated nickel copper rare earth magnets – extremely strong, ensuring that the contents are safe and secure.  The natural gum rubber gaskets seal the trays for ultimate freshness and each Kindtray is finished with a natural, food-safe lacquer.

Slick Stack Tray by Kindtray

The Slick Stack Tray by Kindtray is designed for dabbing oils, concentrates and honeys at home.  The 6” square tray comes complete with two Slick Stack silicone containers for storing your sticky stuff, plus a removable Oil Slick pad for dealing with the goo.  There are two routed cut-outs for a 14.5mm and 18.8mm slide, giving you the ideal base to prepare your oil rig.  A superb, purpose built tray that you’ll wonder how you ever managed without.

Shredder Tray by Kindtray

The Shredder Tray is the perfect tray for the old-skool home smoker.  The 10” square tray features a routed space for a large grinder such as the Space Case Titanium or the Blitzer Rotary Grinder.  There are also slots for a large bubbler, a tight-vac, two slots for extra bowls, both 14.5mm and 18.8mm – there is even a cut-out for your lighter.  A magnetic lid covers half of the tray, under which is space to roll and store herbs and tobacco.  The lid keeps everything secure, so the Shredder Tray can be passed around without incident.  A lovely, versatile smoking tray that is sure to be popular with the more traditional smoker.

The full range of Kindtrays can be viewed here and features rolling boxes, sifters, concentrate dabbing pads, even a box for carrying pre-rolled herbal cigarettes around subtly.  Kindtray really have thought of everything a smoker could need with this superb range of sustainably made stash boxes and rolling trays.

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