The new range of Kindtray smoking trays have just landed at EDIT HQ, and EDIT-Heads, we have to admit, we’re completely smitten.

Here at we understand that the dedicated smoker holds certain paraphernalia as sacred;  You WILL have a trusted grinder, you WILL have a favourite brand and weight of papers, you WILL have accumulated lots of extraneous bits and bobs that you can’t bear to let go, and you WILL have a favourite stash box or rolling tray.

Our friends across the pond at Kindtray have just released a massive, new range of rolling, dabbing and smoking trays that has every conceivable functionality covered – and then some.  Whether you’re a grinder, roller, dabber, vaporizer, glass fanatic, or a combination of the lot, Kindtray have thought of everything.

The entire range of Kindtray trays and tobacco boxes are made in the USA from sustainable, forest certified woods, so you’re doing your bit for the environment as well as enhancing your coffee table.  The sealable trays feature natural gum rubber gaskets to keep things fresh, and every Kindtray has a protective, food-safe grade finish.

The Shredder Tray by Kindtray is designed for the living room.  The 10” square tray features an anti-spill, stay-fresh lid which is secured by triple-layer magnets.  The lid covers the rolling and storage dugouts so the tray can be passed around without incident, but does not cover the cut outs which can accommodate a large grinder, large bubbler or tight-vac as well as 14mm and 19mm bowl holes and a slot for your lighter.  You’ll be proud as Punch when you pass the Shredder Tray to your buddy on the left to prep up.

The Phatty Pen Tray by Kindtray is a portable solution for when you want to take your favourite vaporizer pen out and about with you.  The tray is purpose built to snugly fit the Atmos Jnr, G-Pen or any other similar sized vap.  The Phatty Pen Tray also includes 3 non-stick, silicone containers and a titanium tool.  The entire tray can be sealed for discretion; the lid features a natural gum gasket and triple layer magnets, and then slipped into a pocket or handbag.  A beautiful, discreet tray with everything you need to enjoy your favourite essences and concentrates on the move.

These are just two examples from our enormous range of Kindtrays which also features sifter boxes, rolling trays, blunt holders, dabbing trays and many more besides.  Have a browse through our full range – we guarantee you’ll find the right tray for you!

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