This exquisite Kind Sandblasted Triple Bubbler is truly one of a kind. The piece contains some beautiful sandblasting work throughout and some of the meticulous line work that Kind has made a name out of.

Starting with the 14.5mm white to clear glass slide, the bowl is white in colour and the ground joint is clear. There is a clear glass spike protruding off to the side of the bowl. The slide fits into an 18.8mm to 14.5mm 3 hole diffuser. The diffuser is mostly black in colour which turns to clear glass near the ground joint.

Smoke initially moves down the first and largest chamber. This chamber contains a midsection with line patterns etched in by Kind set upon purple borosilicate glass. There is sandblasting work both above and below the purple section.

The base of this glass bubbler is clear glass, large and circular. The bottom of the bubbler has some beautiful sandblasted line work that can only be done by Kind glass.

Smoke then moves up into two different chambers with similar purple to sandblasted glass work as the first chamber. These chambers each house a mini black 3 hole diffuser for further treatment of your smoke. Both contain line work in Kind’s signature style. There are white borosilicate glass domes on top of both of these chambers.

Smoke then moves into the long and curved white borosilicate glass mouthpiece that stands tall above the bubbler and leans back for ease of use. This is a striking and original masterpiece from Kind Glass. Not that we expected anything less.

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