Killer Bongs Acrylic Bongs

Killer Bongs are the most ruthless collection of acrylic bongs ever assembled. These Killer Bongs are a menace to civilized society and therefore I salute them.

Intimidate your neighbours with the Straight Shooter – with the ‘Tabletop 40cm’ for those right next door or a ‘Floor 60cm’ version for any upstairs or downstairs residential pests. Inspire dread in alleyways all over town by regularly hitting the Ripper Bong, with the Lady Killer Bong a slimmer, more relaxed version – the kind of Killer that invites you into their home for snacks before mercilessly slaughtering you and sending your fingers to the local police chief. Why not harass innocent passers-by with one of the most devastating Killers of the modern age: the AK-47 Bong – complete with additional ashcatcher chamber. And don’t forget to worry your local authorities with the demure but deadly Mr Black Bong.

If all this murder and butchery has left you somewhat dismayed by the current state of the human condition, then fear not because Killer Bongs have also made a matching Killer Grinder!

Killer Bongs Acrylic Bongs - The Usual Suspects

Killer Bongs Acrylic Bongs Straight Shooter - Floor 60cm

Full Killer Bongs Range:

·         Killer Bongs – Tabletop 40

·         Killer Bongs – Floor 60

·         Killer Bongs – The Ripper

·         Killer Acrylic Bongs – Lady Killer

·         Killer Acrylic Bongs – Mr. Black

·         Killer Acrylic Bongs – AK47

·         Killer Grinder/Sifter – Large 4pc

Killer Acrylic Bongs Killer Grinder

One Comment

  • James

    I bought the little Mr.Black Killer bong, its cheap but looks badass.
    It definately gets you there and is a very economic piece so you dont need to smoke allot of your precious.
    The coolest thing about it is that you can put an ice cube in the stem bit to cool the smoke, when it melts enough it falls through and makes a cool sploshy noise, at least i thought it sounded cool 😛
    The bong is small and portable so you can fit it comfortably in a bag or whatever, the only setback is that the rushhole is a little too low so your thumb gets wet if theres too much water
    Smoke this one with care, its called Killer for a reason.

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