Killer Bong Cleaner and Air Freshener

Killer Cleaner Bong Cleaning Solution. This Grime Killer is free of all nasty phosphates and alkaline acids. This 100ml bottle of Killer Bong Cleaner is great on glass, acrylic or plastic, metal grinders and pipes too. New stock is on the way.

Killer Cleaner Air Freshener Liquid Spray is a natural, non toxic Odour Eliminator.  It removes odours from rooms and fabrics and works naturally. Spray 20 cm from fabric or into the air.

Killer Cleaner Air Freshener works on a natural basis, by evaporation. Simply open the tub near the smelly part of the room or smelly space. The active substances in Killer Cleaner Air freshener bind the stink molecules and neutralize them.

Killer Cleaners - Bong Cleaner & Air Freshener


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