Black to clear glass, target decals, a special ambigram ‘Killadelph’ logo and a black coloured 5 hole slide. What is there not to like about this incredible special edition Illadelph water pipe. This unique design made from Philadelphia’s finest is the perfect example why Illadelph are at the top of the ladder when it comes to making fine borosilicate glass.

This glass waterpipe stands taller than the rest of the medium beaker range at 21’/52.5cm.

This bong is made from the finest Schott Duran Borosilicate glass and is designed to the very high standards that Illadelph set across the industry.

There is black on clear glass sectional work on the glass on glass joints. The piece comes with a black Illadelph downstem with a platinum outlined logo. The downstem fits into an 18.8mm ground joint and has a 14.5mm female joint at the top to house the Killadelph bowl. The bowl is riddled with platinum target decals and is a 5 hole slide. All of this is connected through a black keck clip.

The straight tube leading to the mouthpiece is black colored borosilicate glass and contains a Killadelph ambigram logo. The waterpipe also features a Killadelph crest (Illadelph logo with target decal) on the back of the bong above the three ice pinches as well as different sized target decals throughout the remainder of the bong.

This unique Illadelph glass bong is truly a sight to behold and comes with a custom Illadelph box with added foam inserts for protection and an Illadelph branded Space Case Grinder.

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