Keeping your legal herbal smoking blends as fresh as the day you got them is an eternal struggle for the smoking enthusiast.

There are many solutions out there on the market, from vacuum baggies through to sealable plastic containers and all have their merits.

However, the real connoisseur knows that there really is no substitute for a genuine 420 glass stash jar.

420 Classic Jar - Herb420 Classic Jar - Herb

Made to exacting standards in the USA, the 420 stash jars are made from thick glass and come with a tough glass lid featuring a rubber seal which creates an airtight vacuum inside the jar when placed on top.  This keeps the contents fresh, ready for use when you need them most.

420 Classic Jar - Let's Bake

420 jars are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, so you can always find the right tone to suit your style.

Amber 420 Jars - Write & Erase (Hello My Strain Is...)

As well as the classic glass pop-top jars, 420 also produce a range of screw top, amber glass jars which provide extra protection against UV rays.  This is particularly handy if you are prone to leaving your herbs on a shelf that gets a lot of sunlight, as this can dry out and damage the herbs inside.  The range of amber jars are available in a variety of sizes to ideally suit your purposes.

420 UV Jars - Concentrate

Finally, in keeping with the surge in popularity of waxy oils and concentrates, 420 have produced these stylish UV concentrate jars.  The glass jars feature a screw top lid to seal in the freshness and the dark glass prevents any degradation of your precious sticky from the sun’s rays.  The concentrate jars will prevent any visible light from penetrating the jar and interfering with your concentrates and the airtight lids keep smells and freshness securely locked inside.  Available in 4 different sizes and simply labelled ‘concentrate’ to help you pick out the right jar from your shelf.

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