Keck Clips

Keck Clips are used for holding the connecting joints of bongs together (well, not just bongs, but you know what I mean). One is usually used to secure the downtube or diffuser in the female joint of the bong, another Keck Clip can be used to secure an additional piece such as a Carbon Filter Adaptor.

If your bong has a carb-hole which you prefer to use instead of the separate slide bowl, then you can use another Keck Clip to secure the bowl more permanently.

If you are wondering why the hell they are called Keck Clips, it’s because they are named after Hermann Keck who patented them in 1984. They are usually (but not definitely) colour-coded in size order, with the blue Keck Clips suitable for 18.8 joints and the  yellow Keck Clipsfor 14.5 joints.


  • Prince

    YESSSSS. Been looking for these. Will definately order some in due course.

    Do you know if you will ever be getting BEE LINE Organic Hemp Wick added to the store?

  • Zoads

    I watched a BudBro’s vid a while back and the dude had a blue one of these on his pipe. i was wondering where to get these now i know. added them to my wish list. I will add them in my next order. I just placed an order early this am(12am PST) before EDIT posted this announcement.

  • Zoads

    Question for Admin- will you be getting these for the 29.2 fittings? Oh here is a silly question- do they make bong coasters? lol im using a mouse pad right now lmao :)P

  • Zoads

    E-bay sells 5 packs of these for $14.95 in 14/20 &19/22 & 24/40 (blue,green,black,white) free shipping. So there about the same price after excange rate to $$ and shipping cost from edit and you don’t have to wait 2 weeks for them to come from the UK. Don’t get me wrong i like purchasing from EDIT they have killer products at a great price. On a few rare occasions products are sometimes cheaper at other sites.

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