New Flavours of Juicy Jays Super Blunts

Juicy Blunts are the juiciest, most flavoursome blunts in the world, and all that foil-sealed freshness is available in these amazing Super Blunt size! Along with some classics, they also have so many weird and wonderful flavours you may never be able to decide on one particular favourite. It’s worth a damn good try though!

Stupendously, there are an incredible FOUR new astonishing flavours of fantastic Juicy Super Blunts to unreservedly enjoy and, amazingly, here are some astoundingly marvellous pictures of them:

Juicy Jays Super Blunts - Jägerblunt
Juicy Jays Super Blunts – Jägerblunt


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  • Feltros

    Gotta say, I bought a whole range of blunt wraps the other day from EDIT and they are much much better than I was expecting. The smoke is smoother, longer lasting and a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Nicer even than a lot of cigars i’ve had! The taste is also far more noticeable than the flavoured droplets you can get for tobacco, and the flavoured papers.

    With regards to rolling the blunt wraps do you have any recommendations? I’m fairly new to rolling them and didn’t know if it was normal to still lick&stick (which works on some) or just wrap and hold? (which seems to work on others which stick with no effort or licking).

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