Jeff makes very vibrant heady glass, utilising an array of different coloured glass pulled together with fine technique and unique switchback designs. This Jeff Glass Bubbler is candy coloured and beams with shades of yellow, blue, purple, white black and orange.

The bowl has candy-like swirls spiralling into the bubbler. On the left side of the bowl, there is a snorkel carb hole. The downstem heads into the deep and wide base of the bubbler that contains coloured switchback designs set upon a yellow background. Smoke then moves up the tube that houses the mouthpiece. The tube has the same spiral design as the bowl. At the top of the tube, there is a large disc shaped mouthpiece which contains a blue, orange, white and black switchback design set upon a purple background.

A beautiful glass bubbler from ‘Jeff’, we’re very happy to have this vibrant piece in store for you.

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