Listen up EDiT-heads! Christmas has passed and the New Year is with us. This time of year gives us time to reflect on the past year and explore new opportunities for the upcoming one. Luckily we all escaped the Mayan apocalypse and were able to indulge in all the food and fine things this holiday season brings.

We understand that this season also tends to put a heavy dent into everyone’s wallet. For that reason, we are throwing a massive January sale. We will be discounting many items from T-shirts to Volcanos and Heady glass to branded water pipes. There should be something in there for everyone and it’ll all be neatly put together under one category called “January Sale”.

Happy shopping to you all and we hope that this helps you save some much needed cash. For all the glass collectors out there, keep an eye out for special EDiTor’s discounts throughout the month of January as well.

Happy New Year to one and all!

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