James Bond Poster Winners


Congratulations to Adamz and tetrahydrcannibinol who will be receiving these black and white James Bond posters from the Sean Connery era. Witness the short video below for the draw. I managed to time it quite well with the music this time I think. Completely accidental of course.


Get an email sent anyway, you two winners mentioned above, to blog@everyonedoesit.com and include either an old order number with the correct delivery address or simply let us know the address you want your poster delivered to.


Look out next week, as there will more giveaways including at least one involving a prize a little bit more expensive than a poster. A little bit more made of glass as well.


It’s a draw, a prize draw…

Property of Adamz
Property of Adamz




Property of Tetrahydracannibinol
Property of Tetrahydracannibinol

8 thoughts on “James Bond Poster Winners”

  1. Hey man, just some unrelated feedback. I would really like to see some more percolated (tree, circulator, dome) bongs at reasonable prices. How about some RooR, does EHLE even do percs? I’m not hating on weed star or anything, just wanting some more options. Percs are the future of glass smoking, how about some tree arm trash catchers (they make 13 arm ones!)?

    Hope to get some response. Thanks, EDIT rocks!

  2. Jake, RooR.de, who EDIT carries, does not do any percs, only RooR.us does. EHLE to my knowledge doesn’t do any either. As for trash catchers they’re made by Toro, and like RooR.us it would be a waste to import them from the US because of how much shipping is and everything. Just thought I would explain why 🙂


  3. Nice!!! Go EDIT! Now, all i need to do is win the next ill thing they put up (bong) and I’m set.

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