Possible Mail problems today

This is just a relatively quick message (compared say, to the Bible, which goes on a bit) to plead for your mercy today as just over half our staff have made it in so far and we’re not even sure if we can send anything out today. We have only one person womanning the phones and she has all the emails to try and ply through as well while the rest of us get as many orders as we can ready to go.

As anyone already from Britain knows, when we get any kind of weather here that is slightly more extreme than ‘overcast’ then everything stops working and the country grinds to a standstill while we slide down hills and throw increasingly grey and brown snowballs at each other, occasionally remarking that it’s all going to turn to sludge soon.

The snow has well and truly landed here at EDIT HQ, and while the rest of the world carries on by being organised and aware of what snow is before it comes down, here in dear ole Blighty we have school and road closures, services rendered useless and EDIT’s own personal lingering doubt as to whether we will see any postmen this afternoon to pick up today’s orders.

We hope so – we have a good postman who often goes out of his way to help us. Unfortunately our estate is off side roads which receive zero grit from the council and resemble ice rinks even at their safest points, so we will likely not have any confirmation until after lunch at the earliest.

I will tweet updates (EDIT_Tweets on Twitter) and any definite news will be posted on here as well. I thank-you for your patience if you have placed an order last night or today, especially if Royal Mail don’t make it to us. We’re doing our best, but that’s not always enough when the weather is putting us in our little place.

Cheers people. Enjoy the snow while it’s fluffy, it’ll probably all turn to sludge soon.

Outside EveryoneDoesIt.com HQ

Meet Snowy - he's only got one arm
Meet Snowy - he's only got one arm


  • Andrew

    Ordered from you guys a week ago and heard nothing. Sent plenty of emails about changing the order but still got no response.

  • TheEditor

    Yo Andrew, I spoke to customer service and they said they emailed you yesterday with your options for a nice upgrade. Let me know if you didn’t get it.

  • Andrew

    Hey Editor,

    I didn’t get any email from you guys about any upgrades: but I finally got a response back about replacing my order with another product. If you can send that email though to see what my options are that would be perfect.

    Thanks for the excellent customer service!

  • just wanted to let everyone know who is reading this that EDIT totally came through for me this week. Yeah it took a bit of bitching, but I couldn’t be happier with the service I recieved. I’m going to go sit in an igloo with my new icemaster.


  • Nick

    Looks like Royal Mail are slowing down again with the weather because my order didn’t arrive today and it normally arrives 99% of the time after dispatched email from EDIT.

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