ITS ALL GONE DARK! EDiT towers has been plunged into complete and utter darkness with the removal of our electrickery supply. So we have no phones, or internet, or anything remotely electrical! We are still processing orders through the use of cunningly placed mirrors and highly trained glow worms. So all orders placed to day will still leave the building as usual……..

Of course no glow worms have been harmed in the making of this blog!


  • Smokeyadam

    This is bad news. I can’t think how I would get anything done even WITH electrisity if I worked at EDiT….I’d be too busy drooling over all the wicked new glass! If the lights went out in the place I am sure I could find ways to keep ‘busy’ heh.

    Hope this gets resolved soon. Least of all because I need to make an order as soon as one more tiny bit of glass turns up back in stock.

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