Is This Bong The Bargain Of The Year?

The stream of new products continues to arrive at EDIT HQ, and there’s some awesome stuff landed in the last few days: new, authentic smoking accessories from RAW, three new vaporizer pens, the vapour genie pipe, new papers, a giant rolling machine and two awesome new bongs from Grace Glass.

After taking stock (so to speak) of the new stock, we think that these new bongs from Grace Glass are such great value, that they are sure to shift fast.

Grace Glass 8 Arm Tree Percolator Ice Bong - Green

Made from top quality, 4mm thick borosilicate glass, these new waterpipes stand 35cm tall atop their large beaker base.  The large base provides the bong with the requisite capacity to deliver massive hits of smooth, cool smoke.

Grace Glass 8 Arm Tree Percolator Ice Bong - Green

The workings of the pipe include the colour-tinted, 8 arm tree-style percolator that sits just above the main chamber.  The percolator works by breaking up the smoke into smaller ‘bubbles’ or molecules.  This makes it much easier to inhale and much less coarse on the throat.  Complement your percolator by adding a handful of ice cubes into the mix and suddenly, this becomes a pretty serious bong.  The ice notches on this water pipe sit just above the coloured glass splashguard, meaning that the last thing that happens to your smoke before it enters your lungs is a frosty blast to take all the harshness out of the hit.

Grace Glass 8 Arm Tree Percolator Ice Bong - Blue

The Grace Glass 8 Arm Tree Perc Ice Bong features a standard 18.8mm female joint and a 18.8mm male bowl joint, giving you plenty of scope to add slides, bowls, domes and ashcatchers to your setup whenever you feel like customising.  The bong is finished with the Grace Glass logo at the top of the cylinder and is available with either blue or green tinting.

Grace Glass 8 Arm Tree Percolator Ice Bong - Blue

This bong, made in Germany by the lampworkers of Grace Glass from thick borosilicate glass, decorated with subtle coloured glass tinting, comprising a fully functional tree percolator, splashguard and ice notches is available today, from EDIT, with our famous price match guarantee for just £42.95!

Superb quality and unbeatable value from the world’s largest headshop.

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