Bath Salts & Linen Fresheners

Herbal Bath Salts will invigorate your senses and turn boring bath-time into all-night-party-time! Mere sprinkles will enliven your spirits and those of your friends too, should you have a particularly large tub you can all fit in. Jacuzzis will veritably bubble with excitement before you even turn them on at the mere prospect of being peppered liberally with these energising bath salts.

And after the greatest bath of your life, there’s nothing better than relaxing on clean, fresh linen that hasn’t collected several evenings of your nightly sweats. Indeed, scientists agree that fresh linen is by far the freshest linen when its freshness is compared against lesser fresh linen.

Bath Salts & Linen Fresheners


New Bath Salts & Linen Fresheners:

  • White Aroma Crystals Bath Salts
  • Bloomvital Herbal Bath Salts
  • SuperBlow Linen Drawer Freshener
  • Shake and Vac High Powered Hoover Freshener
  • Nebula Novelty Bath Salts
  • Crystalius Love Bath Salts


  • Jennifer

    Sweet 🙂 liven up any boring bath I’m sure! 😉

    Did you guys delete your Facebook page? Can’t seem to find it =/

  • TheEditor

    No, we didn’t. They did. I’m still sulking about it.

    We got new ideas to implement soon though. This year there will be many improvements to the site and how we promote competitions and new products.

  • Jennifer

    Ahhh bastards! They seem to be shutting down a lot of pages, pretty mad.

    New improvements sound awesome though, will keep an eye out for sure 🙂

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