That’s right EDiT-heads, the G-man has set sail for across the pond.

He and a few of EDiT crew are bound for the City of Angels to take part in the International Glass Show in L.A.

With many renowned glass artists from around the world the Glass Show will host the FGIA or Functional Glass Industry Awards.

With big names like Pakoh, Salt, MNP and many, many more all competing for these prestigious awards, I am certain there will be some REAL quality glass on show.

Starting today G-man & co. will also be out and about, sourcing the best and most innovative glass-on-glass action to bring back to EDiT land, so make sure you guys keep your eyes peeled for what he brings home!


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  • chico23

    cant wait to see what g-man and the crew bring back from L.A gotta luv sick artists like Christina Cody,salt,Brandon martin etc hopefully they bring back sum sick Cody or salt tubes wink wink hahaha…

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