Now that we have survived the first few waves of G-man’s Alien invasion, the brains in the EDiT think tank have been going strong to prepare the defences for the next imminent attack, while the rest of us are preparing for an Independence Day Party! WOOOO!

That’s right EDiT heads the 4th July is almost upon us and for all EDiT heads across the pond, and infact worldwide we have another spectacular promo for you.

In order to commemorate the day the treaty was first signed back in 1776AD, we are having a SALE!

From 30th June until 4th July you can get 17.76% OFF ANYTHING you order, all you have to do is enter the voucher codeFREEDOM ‘ when you make a purchase through our checkout!

It’s that EASY!

So come on down guys, and get your 17.76% discount while they G-man’s generosity lasts.


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