Today marks the culmination of our Killer Bongs Competition, where we are celebrating almost 3 weeks worth of Killer Bongs which have been given away for FREE!

& we are celebrating the only way we know how… that’s right, we are giving away MORE FREE stuff!

This time it was an Incredibowl that was up for grabs, and the WINNER has been selected from ALL the entrants of our Killer Bongs Comp over the past few weeks!

All the names were put in G-man’s crash helmet, and the legend himself selected the WINNER, who is… drum-roll please… Jason (emailed you so you know who you are)

CONGRATULATIONS Jason, you are the WINNER of our FREE Incredibowl, which is on it’s way to you now!

Thanks again to all those who entered our crazy competition, and make sure you watch this space for the next one, which is just around the corner!


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