Good morning EDiT-Heads!

Unfortunately our Payment process provider has withdrawn services from a host of companies due to changes in their policies and we are one of the unlucky ones. We are in the middle of finding a more welcoming home. This has had an effect on those attempting to use credit/debit cards to pay for goods. A few customers have been affected by this in the past couple of days. We will be contacting these people individually to solve this problem.

At the moment, the best and quickest way to process your order and receive your goods is payment by bank transfer. You will receive all the details you need in your order confirmation email, just follow the simple instructions and your order will be out to you same day if received pre 4.20pm GMT (interbank transfer times vary but in the UK tend to be instant or within 2 hours). You may also carry on with payment by cheque or postal order.

Thank you for your patience while we deal with this issue, we will keep you all updated with further developments. If you have any questions please use our support pages as usual, but please allow a little extra for a reply as I am sure you can appreciate we are very busy at the moment.