Top quality, functionality and design; this is what Illadelph stand for. This company have pushed the water bong market to new levels and established themselves as top innovators catering to the connoisseur market. Never sacrificing quality for lower prices or high output, Illadelph are at the top of their game in the Glass Bong Industry and Everyonedoesit are very excited to carry their products in our American Glass selection.

We’ve now got the wonderfully crafted Illadelph Downstem in a selection of different colours. The downstem features an outside joint size of 18.8mm, with an inner size of 14.5mm, making it a reducing component. Each Illadelph downstem is 6.5” or 15cm in length and features 6 slits to diffuse the smoke. They all come with the Illadelph logo on them.

The Illadelph Hot Hit Wand and Illadelph Hot Hit Slide form together like a match made in heaven. The Hot Hit Slide is built with concentrates in mind. The bowl is available in 14.5mm and 18.8mm. This Glass Bowl omits a standard push hole and creates three small holes around the inside of the bowl which allows you to keep your mixture pooling at the bottom of the glass slide and insert your Hot Hit Wand. The Hot Hit Wand has been lengthened to previous Illadelph wands and now comes in 21cm. The wand is heated up and used to light your mixture without flame, exempting the taste of butane and providing a fresh, smooth ignition to the mixture in your bowl.

There’s also the Illadelph 5 Hole Slide that has been designed to remove the need for a glass screen. This piece features five smaller holes at the bottom of the bowl in place of a regular center hole, which eliminates the need for a glass gauze or screen. A welcome addition to our Art Glass range, this comes available in 14.5mm or 18.8mm.

Philly’s finest have also provided us with the tastefully made Illadelph Glass Chillum, which is available in a selection of colours. This chillum is 3” (8cm) in length and fits comfortably in your hand or pocket. The main body of this item is clear with a coloured mouthpiece and a bowl rim. A bulky anti-roll bead, adorns the four hole push bowl. This piece comes fitted with a platinum Illadelph label on the body that adds more aesthetic pleasure to the chillum. The company uses thick borosilicate glass to add weight and strength to the overall build of the piece. With a look that fits the prestige of this brand, the chillum is a stylised, portable piece for any fan of Illadelph products.

Yes we are very pleased to be stocking Illadelph and we hope you are too!!! 🙂



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