Illadelph Glass has truly arrived ladies and gentlemen! We are really starting to get our Illadelph collection sorted now. We’ve got many of their finest products in the house!

Illadelph are a company that stand for top quality, functionality and design. Hailing from Philadelphia, this company have established themselves as top innovators in the scientific glass market catering for glass aficionados and the luxury market. Every Illadelph product oozes with style and class from the moment you lay eyes on it. Once you see how functional the product can be, it becomes even harder to venture anywhere else.

Starting with the big one, we have got the Illadelph Signature Rasta Coil Bong in store. This water pipe was created for the deluxe market for glass fans with refined taste. The main feature is a detachable coil condenser which is filled with glycerine which enables you to cool the condenser to a temperature of your choice. Giving the user complete autonomy over how cool they would like their smoke to be.

For portability, we have got the Illadelph Glass Spoon Pipe and the Illadelph Chillum in store. These pocket sized pipes pack a huge punch and are very stylish with their contrast from colour to clear borosilicate glass.

In terms of accessories, we have got the famed Illadelph Hot Hit Wand and Illadelph Hot Hit Wand Stand. The Hot Hit Wand is perfect for lighting your mixture without the risk of burning yourself or breathing in butane from a standard lighter. These are ideal for ensuring an even smoother smoke.

We’ve also got some classy looking storage jars. There’s the Illadelph Signed Glass Storage Jars, Illadelph Faceted Top Glass Storage Jars and Illadelph Clear Glass Storage Jars. These glass on glass jars feature eye popping designs and the top of each jar is sealed by a ground joint which slides seamlessly off and on; a very elegant look for your storage container.

We’ve also got the Illadelph Downstem which has an outside joint size of 18.8mm, with an inner size of 14.5mm, making it a reducing component. They feature finely crafted slits to diffuse the smoke and a stylish logo on the side. These downstems are available in Amber, Green, Blue and Smoke colour.

The Innovators hailing from Philadelphia make some truly great and unique pieces. All of us here at EDiT are very happy to have them in store for the rest of EDiT Nation!

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