I have found the G-Spot! G-Spot glass bongs that is, you dirty, dirty person! The EDiTor has a new favourite brand of bongs. Although the company has been around for some time, I have never really given them credit where it is due. The time has now come to commend the craftsmanship of these German made beauties. If you don’t believe me, check out this video of a guy hammering a nail with the bong and a karate man (at least he’s dressed that way) chopping a piece of wood with the same piece! It’s pretty mind-blowing.

G-Spot specialise in making practical and durable thick glass bongs using the highest quality borosilicate glass. They are unrivalled with their incredibly strong joints (as displayed in the video) and carry a lot of weight overall by using thick glass throughout. All G-Spot bongs are made with a stable circular base, which in my opinion is more beautiful than any hexagon shaped foot.

Over the years, the company have expanded their range but always maintained their elegance and durability in design.

Over here at EDiT, we are very proud to provide the best prices for G-Spot glass bongs on the internet.

If RooR are the B&W of luxury German bongs, then G-Spot is certainly the Mercedes-Benz.

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