Free Shipping Ends At 4:20pm Today

We’ve been running our free shipping promotion since Valentine’s Day. Thousands of customers have taken advantage of this great offer to make massive savings on their orders over the last week. Sadly, our promotion must now come to an end, but fear not, EDIT-Heads – you still have until 4:20pm today to place an order and benefit from our free shipping offer.

The offer applies to orders over the following values:

€219 for free shipping to the rest of the world

£45 for free 1st class delivery within the U.K

$299 for free 2-day shipping to the U.S.

For even greater savings, why not team up our free shipping offer with one of the many products that are heavily discounted in our winter sale?

We’re thrilled to be able to offer this beautiful range of Stemless Oil Dome Waterpipes from GingerELA. All are now available with a HUGE 42% discount, saving you a whopping £150.00.

The supremely talented GingerELA is revered in the world of glassware for her craftsmanship, bold colours and stunning switchback designs. We have three of GingerELA’s oil dome waterpipes featured in our winter sale. Each is handmade in quality borosilicate glass, and each features beautifully worked, coloured switchback designs and three decorated marbles along the side of the piece. These stemless oil dome waterpipes from GingerELA are worthy of a prominent spot in the display of any collector, but are also great for everyday use. The oil domes fit into standard 18.8mm ground joints. Smoke moves down the arm of the stemless pieces into the bottle-shaped chamber that holds a 5-hole diffuser for perfect smoke dispersion. The elegant mouthpiece is tilted back for ease of use.

These stemless glass oil dome waterpipes from GingerELA are exquisite examples from a true master glassblower. Save £150 in the winter sale, and free shipping if you order before 4:20 today.

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